Oil Tanks

We sell a wide range of Oil Storage Tanks, either Single or Double Skinned, available in many different shapes and with capacities of between 900 litres to 5000 litres.

Domestic Water Tanks

We supply the following Domestic Water Tanks:

  • Poly Standard
  • Poly Coffin
  • Cistern Open Top
  • Circular Open Top
  • Attic Tanks - Open Top


All tanks are available with lagging jacked, ball valve & byelaw fittings kit

Portable Water Tanks

Suitable for domestic users who require large capacity potable tanks.


Available in various shapes, with capacities from 950 litres to 5000 litres.

Coal Bunkers


Size: 2 Sizes Available

Colour: Green \ Black

Features: Lockable top and bottom door

Apollo Oil Guage

The Apollo Oil Gauge is the most reliable oil tank gauge on the market today, using high quality FM signals to send tank readings to a receiver placed in your home or office. It is simple to install and can be working within minutes. This Apollo is a universal tank gauge, meaning that it can be fitted to any size or shape of tank up to 3 metres in height.


The Apollo shows levels of fuel in your tank as a 10 bar display on the receiver. The transmission range is 200m and the transmitter contains a tried and test long life lithium battery. The Apollo transmitter is a totally sealed unit using UV stabilized material, therefore avoiding any problems associated with weathering.

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