solar heating system

1- Solar Collectors


Flat Panel Collectors

Attractively designed, the panels are engineered to the highest standards and made from quality materials, giving a long life under different atmospheric conditions.


Vacuum Tube Collectors

As an alternative to flat panel collectors, Vacuum Tube Collectors offer a highly efficient energy source for less favourable conditions. The vacuumed tubes prevent energy loss during temperature fluctuations and parabolic mirrors situated underneath direct any radiation efficiently onto the whole surface of the absorber, again increasing efficiency. Therefore these are more suited to areas with less available sunlight.


2- Solar Controller

With it's modern look and user friendly operation the Firebird Envirosol Controller ensures optimum management of the solar system. The multi-function LCD display provides important information such as system temperatures and accumulated solar energy.


3 - Water Heater

The STEB solar water tank comes in 200L, 300L and 600L capacities and incorporates the solar controller. Corrosion resistant stainless steel construction ensures longer life and optimum hygenic conditions.


4 - Solar Pump

The Solar Pump is a group of several solar system elements: circulation pumps, flow regulator, security group, security valve (at 6 bar) and manometer, gravitation brake with thermometers, manual air vent valve and filling/draining unit.


5 - Expansion Vessel

The Expansion Vessel is neseccary to absorb the expansion of the solar fluid while temperatures in the collector are high.


6 - Solar Airvent Pot

Produced in metal and able to withstand the high temperature variations.


7 - Hot Water 3-way Thermic Valve

Connected on the solar system exit point in order to avoid high temperatures on the draining points in the domestic system.


8 - High Efficiency Oil Boiler

This supplies the heat that cannot be supplies by the Solar Heating System. You have a choice of oil boilers to meet your specific needs. All are SEDBUK Band A rated and recommended by the Energy Saving Trust.

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