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Aquastream Thermo

Aquastream Thermo

Like all of our Thermo showers, Aquastream Thermo relies upon our proven thermostatic showering technology. Two flow rate settings allow you to make the most of your plumbing system and thanks to Aquastream Thermo’s surface mounted design, installation is easy, with damage to décor being kept to a minimum.


  • Select from 10 or 18 litre flow rate settings
  • Clever, integrated pump means easy, quick and fuss free installation
  • Suitable for gravity water systems only
  • Adjustable height Varispray shower head
  • 3 year manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Also available in Satin chrome and White

Redring Expression 500S

Artisan Thermostatic Surface Mounted Bar Shower


  • Adjustable Riser
  • Multi Function Handset
  • Fast Fit Connections
  • Dual Control - Flow and temperature are controlled by separate handles, giving accurate control of both
  • Thermostatic cartridge maintains showering temperature to +/- 1oC by compensating for changes in the incoming water temperature and pressure giving the stable outlet temperature
  • Automatic shut off in the event of either the hot or cold water supply failure
  • Factory set to a maximum of 38oC to eliminate the ability to select an unsafe temperature (this can be manually over-ridden using push button), this is adjustable to suit user preference
  • Inlet centres 150mm
  • Bottom outlet making shower suitable for adjustable riser kits

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